It’s Sunday. Do you know where your trainer/speaker is?

On any given Sunday, trainers and speakers are packing up, hugging their families and getting on planes, trains and automobiles for their Monday morning gigs. Yes, I realize it’s Super Bowl Sunday, today. There have been more than a few of those where I’ve been on a plane or driving a long stretch on an obscure road on my way to an engagement city the night before to make sure I’m bright and bushy tailed first thing in the morning. I remember almost driving off the road in Feb 2007 in rural Missouri, listening to the game on satellite radio, when my beloved, beleaguered Chicago Bears ran some ridiculous number of yards in a kick-off return for the first touchdown in the first few minutes. By the time I reached my hotel, of course, things had soured… for the Bears anyway. I watched the last 30 minutes of the game on an old, small hotel TV. No wings, no beer, no friends to console me.

Why do we do that? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but for me and many of the fabulous folks I’ve had the privilege of knowing over the years, it’s because we love you! Perhaps not in the romantic or even family/bosom buddy way, but we really do cherish the opportunity to be in front of the room watching you learn something that can save you time and frustration, improve your career outlook, or even your personal life. Sound corny? OK, I’ll give you that. But, it’s true. When I tell people about my road warrior career, I get a lot of “Are ya nuts?!” The answer, I guess, is: yes, a little.  But, I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else for a living. I live for those light bulbs!

So, thanks for dragging me out of my nice warm home all of those Sundays.

NOTE: If you are a speaker/trainer reading this and thinking to yourself, “Ew! I don’t feel that way about my audiences!” I can say that it’s possible that your audiences may hold you in similar regard.

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